Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you regularly employ three or more persons in your Georgia business you are legally required to carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance benefits, whether your employees are working full-time or part-time. Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers injuries and illnesses that may arise during the regular course of the job duties assigned to your employees, protecting you and your business from liability should a claim be filed against you. The Booth Insurance Group believes that your Workers’ Compensation Insurance needs should be addressed with both a comprehensive and a preventative approach, putting emphasis on the proper level of safety education for your employees and the implementation of safety and risk management procedures to help prevent workplace accidents and injuries, in addition to making sure you have the proper level of coverage for your employees. Workers’ Compensation Insurance premiums can be very expensive and they can climb even higher if you do not have adequate safety measures and educational standards in place for your employees. We look forward to providing you with an affordable policy and helping you establish the best possible safety standards to keep your workplace accidents and your premiums down to a minimum. We look forward to lending our expertise in helping protect both you and your employees from harm. Contact us today for a free safety evaluation and price quote!

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